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Mechanical Parking Guide 2011

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My name is Leon Hamelink and I have been involved with mechanical parking systems and car elevators for nearly 20 years now. My goals is to share my knowledge with you and help you to create more parking places and more value in your projects. I do this, besides by running my blog and consultancy, by offering the Mechanical Parking Guide 2011.

The Mechanical Parking Guide 2011, available as PDF, contains an overview and detailed description of all available parking systems. Furthermore it provides information and tools for the planning, design, procurement, realization, service and maintenance of these systems. As a bonus nearly all manufacturers and resellers worldwide (more than 500!) are included in the Mechanical Parking Business Directory 2011. This is information you will not find anywhere on the Internet, or even in any other book for that matter.

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This over 300-page color PDF includes:

  • Description of all different types of parking systems and car elevators
  • A side-by-side comparison of all systems on main specifications and cost
  • A complete design manual
  • Sample projects
  • Procurement tools like cost indications and sample requirements
  • Known pitfalls during construction and how to avoid them
  • Tips on setting up successful service and maintenance
  • An overview of international development of the mechanical parking system market
  • List of all manufacturers and distributors worldwide

In the early days of mechanical parking here in The Netherlands I had to speak to many real estate professionals, almost like a missionary, convincing them that these systems offer a viable alternative to conventional parking solutions. In many cases the mechanical parking system provided the most economic alternative but was not chosen. This due to skepticism because of a lack of knowledge. Luckily nowadays many people are better informed and the use of these system is more and more widespread.

Make sure you know if mechanical parking is the most economic solution in your situation. Do not miss the opportunity to save on the construction costs or to create extra value by creating extra parking places. The Mechanical Parking System Guide 2011 helps you asses the viability of mechanical parking systems in your real estate project. No excuse anymore for being not well informed!

Our 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied we will refund the complete amount, no questions asked!

During my almost 20 years in the industry I have seen many things go wrong in these projects. Mistakes that could have avoided, money that could have been saved. Do not let this opportunity pass you by on learning about them. I have gone to great extend to put all my knowledge in this report. You will not get this is information from supplier because they will focus on making a sale. This is information you will not get from consultants because they do not have the first hand experience I have. Don’t be fooled, mechanical parking system are complex. And the success of these projects, as in many technical projects, depends on the details. In the Mechanical Parking Guide you will find these details, helping you avoid the pitfalls.

The Mechanical Parking Guide 2011 will be of great value to:

  • Real Estate Developers
  • Architects
  • Construction Engineers
  • Real Estate, Construction and Parking Advisors
  • Construction companies
  • Real Estate Investors and Building Owners
  • Local Government Officials
  • Educational Institutions and Students
  • Mechanical Parking System Industry Professionals

Please look below to review the table of contents and learn more about the report.

This guide will help you:

  • Increase the number of parking places in your real estate project.
  • Reduce the construction costs of the parking facility.
  • Create parking places which would be impossible to create with conventional parking constructions.
  • Create more space for other functions by reducing the space needed for parking.
  • Create valuable space at ground level of your project by moving parking places underground or in a tower.
To give you an impression here are some preview pages:

Who am I?

My name is Leon Hamelink and I have been involved with mechanical parking systems for nearly 20 years now. I graduated at the Eindhoven University of Technology on this subject and with my engineering company I have since then developed different mechanical parking systems for both cars and bicycles. Based on my knowledge and experience I founded the mechanical parking department of VDL, a large industrial company in The Netherlands (7000+ empl.). And I am happy to say that VDL has been able to grow to gain a leading role in the Dutch market for mechanical parking systems. At the end of 2010 I left VDL and I now focus on advising real estate developers, architects and government officials on the implementation and procurement of mechanical parking systems. Please visit my blog to find more information about that.

I can say I have seen many projects, good and bad I’m afraid. I am certain that my experience can help you create excellent projects, with sufficient parking places at a reasonable price, avoiding the known pitfalls.

As you can tell this mechanical parking systems guide will save you weeks of research into this specific market. It will give you insight in all technical and commercial aspects of these complex automatic systems, knowledge which can only be attained through years of hands on experience in this field and, of course, by acquiring this guide.

Our 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied we will refund the complete amount, no questions asked!

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