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Mechanical Parking Guide 2011

Planning.... Design.... Procurement

The Mechanical Parking Guide 2011, available as PDF, is an extensive guide for the planning and design of projects incorporating a mechanical parking system. It contains advise and tools for the procurement, realization, service and maintenance of these systems. Furthermore it provides an in-depth analysis of the mechanical parking industry worldwide and all the available systems.

The report was written for architects and real estate developing professionals and organizations worldwide. It provides all aspects relevant for the planning, design, procurement, realization and operation of these systems. Among the groups that will find it useful are company owners, executive management, engineering managers, engineers, advisers, system manufacturers, researchers, educators, the investment community, analysts, and the media.

The report was developed with support from numerous advisers, system manufacturers, and many others worldwide. To support the review and analysis, the publication includes 10 charts and graphs, 30 tables, 213 photographs and illustrations, and two appendices. This study has the aim to cover all facets of mechanical parking, including business, product, market, technology, research, and application.

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This over 300-page color PDF includes:

  • Technology overview and sample projects
  • A complete design manual
  • Procurement tools like cost indications and sample requirements
  • List of all manufacturers and distributors worldwide
  • New developments and market analysis
  • Insight in what the future holds

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This report has value for all:

For the real estate developer it offers the chance to quickly get the idea what these systems are and judge if they will help to increase the ROI of his real estate project. When the systems prove viable the guide helps you preparing the procurement, the installation and finally the operation of these compact mechanical parking systems.

For the architect it gives in-depth insight in all the aspects involved in the implementation of these system into the design of a building. It covers technical as well as user experience aspects.

For professionals in the industry and anyone studying it this gives an overview of the state of the market and the technology. This will save you days and days of work keeping up to date with current developments.

Please look below to review the table of contents and learn more about the report.

To give you an impression here are some preview pages:

Who am I?

My name is Leon Hamelink and I have been involved with mechanical parking systems for nearly 20 years now. I graduated at the Eindhoven University of Technology on this subject and with my engineering company I have since then developed different mechanical parking systems for both cars and bicycles. Based on my knowledge and experience I founded the mechanical parking department of VDL, a large industrial company in The Netherlands (7000+ empl.). And I am happy to say that VDL has been able to grow to gain a leading role in the Dutch market for mechanical parking systems. At the end of 2010 I left VDL and I now focus on advising real estate developers, architects and government officials on the implementation and procurement of mechanical parking systems. Please visit my blog to find more information about that.

I can say I have seen many projects, good and bad I’m afraid. I am certain that my experience can help you create excellent projects, with sufficient parking places at a reasonable price, avoiding the known pitfalls.

As you can tell this mechanical parking systems guide will save you weeks of research into this specific market. It will give you insight in all technical and commercial aspects of these complex automatic systems, knowledge which can only be attained through years of hands on experience in this field and, of course, by acquiring this guide.

Our 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied we will refund the complete amount, no questions asked!

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