Semi automatic parking systems

The following definition gives a good impression of what we mean with a semi automatic parking system:

A semi automatic parking system is a mechanical system applied in a parking facility near the parking place in order to make extra parking places available there by lifting the car, sliding the car sidewards, or a combination of both.


Tipically, in these facilities the user drives the car on conventional driving lanes to a platform where they park and leave their car. If necessarry, the user can operate the system so that through lifting and/or sliding one or more extra parking platforms become available. During this operation the user usually activates the system by continuously pressing a deadman’s control button or key switch. When an empty platform is available it is not necessarry for the driver to operate the system.


When a user wants to exit and his car is not available to drive out he can operate the system so that his car becomes available for leaving.

The layout of the parking facility is usually similar to a conventional layout, except for the necessarry extra height or the need for a pitt.

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