The benefits of fully automatic parking systems

The main benefit of these parking systems compared to a conventional parking situation is that more cars can be parked in the same space or the space needed for parking can be reduced. This will lead to:
– more parking places
– lower construction costs per parking place

Compared to semi automatic parking systems they have the advantage that no people have to drive into the garage, which leads to the following secundary benefits:

– no possibility of parking damage
– no unsafe feelings in dimly lit basements
– no exhaust fumes inside the garage
– less ventilation needed
– less lighting needed
– less accessability needs (no elevator stops etc)
– more comfort and luxury valet parking
– no chance of burglary or theft

For many people these systems are quite unknown and as a consequence are met with some scepticism. My goal is to help people surpass this scepticism and give them tools to enjoy these benefits while addressing the necessarry technical and commercial issues.

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