What are fully automated parking systems?

Before we dive into a more detailed description of mechanical parking systems let’s first define what we mean with fully automated parking systems.

A fully automated parking system is a mechanical conveyor system system applied in a parking facility in order to transport cars from the entry to their parking place and vice versa. During operation no people are inside the cars or controlling the system, it runs completely unmanned and automatic.

Typically the system uses the following procedure for entry and exit:


The user activates the system using a remote control from the inside of his car. When the entry door opens he drives his car into the entry/exit box. He parks his car, puts on the handbrake and leaves the entry/exit box for the control panel. At the control panel he confirms there is nobody in the entry / exit box and there are no people inside the car. All doors to the entry/exit box are closed and locked, and the mechanical conveyor system is activated. Using a combination of vertical and horizontal transport systems the car is moved to its parking place. When the exit/entry box is safe again the doors unlock and the system is ready for a new assignment.


Now the user activates the system at the control panel. This can be done using a smart card, an entry code or any other means of identification. The doors of the entry exit box are closed and locked and the conveyor system is activated. The car is moved from its parking place to the exit and the doors are opened. The car is turned so the driver can leave the garage driving forward. Behind him the doors close automatically so the system is ready for the next user.

Here you can watch a typical entry/exit procedure of a fully automated parking system:

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  1. Arie Jan de Lint
    11 years ago

    Some errors in the context.
    Typically the systems uses should be either the system uses or the systems use.

  2. adminmps
    11 years ago

    Thank you, errors corrected.

  3. DK
    11 years ago

    Looks very interesting and professional!

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